Symbolism in arts

Art of Symbolism is the art to use symbols to represent things, ideas and emotions. Symbolism is closely connected to religion, psychoanalysis, symbolism refers to totemic symbols that stand on their own. The history of symbols is long and due perhaps to environmental changes old symbols become reinterpreted. Color Symbolism in arts and anthropology refers to the use of color as a symbol throughout culture. Color symbolism varies with time, place and culture and one and the same color may perform very different symbolic or psychological functions.

Colors in painting is a representation of painter's emotions and ideas. Symbolism works express the latent idea of the painter with the help of symbols. Symbolism in arts is a technique of expressing a meaning through allegory. Symbolism in arts is the use of certain techniques when a painter uses the symbols for the ideas.

Common connotations of colors in painting: The subject of Symbolism painting can be nature, any human activity, etc. Colors in painting have great meaning, however contemporary painting often rejects the traditional meaning of colors and use them with personal and unconventional meanings.

Symbolism in arts is a continuation of the Romantic tradition mystical tendencies, and has close association with dark and private Decadent Movement. There were several groups of Symbolist painters, the symbols used were intensely personal, private and obscure. The influence of the movement is intense and this fact can be proved by a number of symbolist painters that are found across centuries and cultures.